Psychological aspects in plastic surgery

Aspectos psicológicos da cirurgia plástica.

Is the motivation for having surgery to please yourself or others? Does what you follow on social media inspire you or cause you discomfort because you are always comparing yourself to someone? What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? You can follow these and other questions here, in our first episode, with psychologists Saulo Durso Ferreira and Gabriela Cartapatti. The mediation is mine and that of, also a plastic surgeon, Anderson Rodrigues.

Preoperative clinical preparation and maintenance of results

pré-operatório cirurgia plástica

A chat with Lybe Clinic doctors, Amanda Nunes and Victor Kurita, who explain Integrative Medicine and its relevance – both for the pre-operative period and for maintaining long-term results. Mediation by Dr. Fabio Oshiro and Júlio Monteiro, also a plastic surgeon.

Post-operative: usual/challenging cases

Pós-operatório em cirurgia plástica Do you want to know how Plastic Surgery professionals think about the post-operative period? A chat with specialist Nany Mota and surgeons Fabio H.J. Oshiro, Rodrigo T. Dutra and Bruno S. Zimmermann.