About me

Dr. Fabio Oshiro

Plastic Surgeon Doctor CRM/SP 129505 – RQE 54080

Dr. Fabio Oshiro em ação durante treinamento  Alfredo Hoyos

Born in 1981, I knew from the moment I chose medicine that I was in it for the long haul.

While the rest of my friends were out partying and having fun, I poured myself into my studies until I achieved my goal, which seemed so far away at the time.

I didn’t have any family or friends who were doctors; and although nothing was lacking at home, I couldn’t afford a private medical school, so the only alternative was to go to a public university.

Eventually, after a lot of dedication, the effort paid off. All six years of medicine were spent at the university I dreamed of getting into during high school at Unicamp, in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo.

After graduating, I took part in the selection process to become a medical resident and, after passing, I completed my two-year training as a General Surgeon, undergoing internships and long shifts in all areas of surgery (plastic surgery, vascular surgery, gastrosurgery, proctology, urology, heart surgery, thoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, pediatric surgery and trauma surgery).

Dr. Fabio Oshiro - cirurgia plástica em São Paulo - profissional com ampla formação acadêmica e profissional, fotografia em atuação profissional e com colegas

The artistic side of plastic surgery, both aesthetic and restorative, was the reason for choosing this specialty.

After another selection process, which was even more difficult than the previous ones, I was accepted and completed another three years of training at the Plastic Surgery and Burns Department of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos.

After finishing, I passed the exam for the title of Specialist Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, which I have held since 2015.

That same year, I started a postgraduate course in Breast Reconstruction at the Pérola Byington Hospital in São Paulo.

I realize that in order to advance, we need to be humble and always look for opportunities to update and improve our technique.

That’s why I took several other courses: Total Definer, with the creator of the HD Liposculpture technique, Alfredo Hoyos; Ugraft (intraoperative ultrasound-guided muscle liposuction); Structured Mammoplasty; Rapid Recovery Breast Prosthesis (R24R), Multi-plane Mastopexy and Short Scar Mammoplasty.

I try to adapt the range of techniques to the individual needs of each case.

Dr. Fabio Oshiro com colegas

Although my training was in all areas of plastic surgery, including facial surgery, I have strategically chosen to focus on body plastic surgery at this time. My love and curiosity for medicine as a whole led me to pursue other training as well:

  • Postgraduate studies in Forensic Medicine and Medical Expertise at the University of São Paulo (USP),
  • Specialization in Hospital Administration and Health Systems at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

I have also worked as:

  • On-call physician at various hospitals;
  • Attending physician at the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) in São Paulo;
  • Preceptor in surgical emergencies for sixth-year medical students at the Anhembi Morumbi University;
  • Internal auditor at Hospital Samaritano- SP.

During the pandemic (2020), I was the medical coordinator of the Family Health Association (Western Region), working with the technical managers of 10 basic health units, Lapa Emergency Room, Sorocabana AMA, Lapa Hora Certa Network and Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS).

In 2008, I served as a Second Medical Lieutenant in the Brazilian Army, in the Anti-Aircraft Defense Command, in the city of Guarujá-SP. I therefore retain the status of Reserve Officer.

I am currently a Plastic Surgeon under an exclusive contract at JK Estética Avançada in São Paulo.

In addition to surgeries, I am also frequently appointed by judges to work as a medical expert in lawsuits by the Superior Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo, a job I try to perform with the same ethics and technical rigor.