About Karoline Lima’s plastic surgery

Karoline Lima, fotografia proveniente de seu Instagram com antes e depois cirurgia plástica
Before and after Karoline Lima two weeks after the new plastic surgeries.
Definitive results appear six months after the procedures (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Excerpt from the article “Karoline Lima’s plastic surgeon explains techniques performed on the influencer” originally published on the website Isto é Gente.

Fabio Oshiro, plastic surgeon at the JK Estética Avançada clinic, says that sagging and localized fat were the patient’s main complaints

Karoline Lima, 27 years old, underwent a “retread”, according to her. In January, the digital influencer underwent some plastic surgery due to sagging and localized fat after the pregnancy of her first daughter, Cecília, one year old, the result of her former relationship with player Éder Militão.

Fabio Oshiro, plastic surgeon at the JK Estética Avançada clinic, was responsible for Karoline’s transformation. After analyzing the influencer’s complaints, mastopexy surgeries were performed with the exchange of silicone implants, to correct the sagging of the breasts, LAD lipo (high definition liposculpture), to remove fat located on the abdomen, back, flanks, sides of the chest, arms and legs, and fat exercise.

The specialist says that the patient’s breasts showed sagging, lateral displacement of the implants (which were above the muscle), rippling (visible ripples in the upper pole) and large areolas with enlarged scars from the previous surgery, which had been carried out in another location. “The implants were removed and new ones were placed, with the largest portion remaining below the muscle (dual plane technique); we ascend the submammary folds and fix them (internal bra technique). We also remove excess skin and fatty tissue, reduce and reposition the areolas”, he details.

In the rest of the body, LAD lipo was combined with fat grafting in the rectus abdominis, oblique and longissimus dorsi muscles (guided by intraoperative ultrasound), and in the trochanteric depressions around the glutes. “The aim is to obtain a more harmonious body contour with moderate athletic definition”, explains the plastic surgeon at the JK Estética Avançada clinic.

For better results and safety, the procedures were carried out using cutting-edge technologies; Fabio lists: Vaser (ultrasonic device for emulsifying fat and breaking down fibrosis from previous liposuction) and Plasma Jet, to improve skin retraction.

“It is important to emphasize that, in some patients, the technology for skin retraction will not be sufficient to control sagging, and complementary procedures or even skin removal are indicated”, explains the doctor… ” Link to full article – Website Isto é Gente